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Voice interfaces add new dimensions to customer interaction. Designers can use voice to extend services, improve user experience, increase personalization, establish brand persona and drive loyalty.

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Voice Solutions

XMOS is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with voice interfaces. Our solutions are creating opportunities for manufacturers, retailers and entertainment companies to design new product categories that change how we interact with machines and embedded devices.

provides convenience

Voice interfaces and intelligent assistants embedded in everyday household items will become commonplace, providing manufacturers with opportunities to design products that simplify and automate everyday tasks.

improves safety

Voice interfaces combined with voice biometrics offer powerful multi-level authentication and enhanced safety, whether it's a voice controlled door lock, a panic/help button or a sound activated security alarm.

enhances wellness

For designers of of health products, the integration of voice interface throughout the home will provide a natural and compelling way for consumers of all ages to monitor their health and improve their wellness.

gives companionship

The ageing population and over-stressed lonely younger generations will create a huge demand for products that address emotional, conversational and companionship needs, as well as remote at-home assistance of loved ones.

enriches experience

For entertainment companies, voice delivers new ways to enrich a consumer's experience by enhancing the existing environment with voice controlled orthogonal interfaces.

our vision for voice

In this short video Mark Lippett (President & CEO) and Paul Neil (VP of Marketing & Business Development) explain why voice is so important as a way to interact with machines, and discuss the challenges faced to make voice interfaces ubiquitous across our home, office and leisure lives.


Making voice ubiquitous

XMOS voice interfaces connect to automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems running remotely on Cloud servers or locally on an application processor. The captured signal allows an ASR to respond to a question or instruction in a natural and conversational way.

XMOS voice interface solutions include:

four dimensions of voice control

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XMOS and Sensory partner to deliver keyword detection for the Internet of Things

XMOS and Sensory partner to deliver keyword detection for the Internet of Things

Bristol, United Kingdom and Santa Clara, Calif., 1st November 2016 – XMOS Ltd., the leader in voice hardware solutions and Sensory Inc., a Silicon Valley company that enhances the user experience and security of consumer electronics, have today announced a partnership to deliver Sensory’s TrulyHandsfreeTM voice control technology on the XMOS xCORE-VOICE far-field voice capture processing platform.

XMOS partners with Advanced Media to deliver Japanese language Voice Interface

XMOS partners with Advanced Media to deliver Japanese language Voice Interface

Bristol and Tokyo, 10th May 2016 – XMOS Ltd., the leader in voice and music connectivity and Advanced Media, Inc., a leading provider of advanced speech recognition systems in Japan, have today announced a partnership intended to deliver advanced speech recognition user interfaces into the consumer market. The partnership will combine the powerful xCORE-VOICE embedded hardware with Advanced Media’s AmiVoice Engine to create a class-leading end-to-end speech recognition solution.




XMOS is a premier provider of voice capture and processing solutions. The xCORE-200 family of Multicore Microcontrollers powers XMOS’ Microphone Array, SmartMic and Digital Assistants solutions which are pushing the boundaries of quality and integration - delivering the most comprehensive Voice User Interface (VUI) controller solutions.

XMOS is backed by some of the largest names in high tech venture capital: Amadeus Capital, DFJ Esprit, Foundation Capital, Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH and Kew Capital.

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